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What are Footings?

What are Footings™ articles?

Like the foundation (footings) of a house, only the widest and deepest foundations provide lasting results.  Often, our decisions must serve both current realities as well as stand the test of time, hence the article name of Footings™.

Footings™ are short (approx. 30 lines) articles written and distributed only via email and done so every 2-3 weeks.  These articles are not just reserved for current commentary as relates to the real estate and associated industries.  Rather, observations and commentary broadly address both personal and business development topics as well.

One goal for the Footings™ articles is to offer information that may help us make better decisions.  A second goal of these articles it to help us revisit our personal experience.  Often, our personal experience in unrelated areas can provide guidance in areas that are new and unfamiliar to us.

These Footings™ articles are not broadly distributed.  Access to these articles, both new and past articles, are targeted to and for our closest business and personal relationships.  Current recipients include:

1.  Clients

2.  Referrals from clients

3.  Business professionals

4.  Referrals from business professionals

Thank you for your interest in these articles we call Footings™.

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