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What are Pinpoints™ articles?

Pinpoints™ are quarterly articles, distributed upon request via e-mail and posted to our web site, that strive to provide local real estate “perspective.”

 Often news is reported observationally, that is, without a reference point.  Often it is helpful to know:

  •  Are we trending up, down or sideways?
  • How far have we come?  How far must we go?
  • How will we know when we get there?  What to look for? 
  • Is this the only way to measure?  Are there other ways to measure?
  • How does this compare?  To other areas?  To last year?
  • Is this universally or exceptionally the case?
  • Is this industry affected proportionately or disproportionately?

  Pinpoints ™ articles hope to provide a fuller understanding current market conditions.

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