Best Practices, guided by full disclosure

In order to be fully protected, you must be fully informed.

A few words about full disclosure.

I practice it.  I counsel it.


A few more words about full disclosure.

Unique benefits accrue to both sellers and buyers when their real estate decisions are guided by full disclosure. 

Buyers make decisions with greater confidence when they know that their near term purchase can be broadly marketed at some future point.

Sellers market with greater confidence when they know that their property disclosures are both accurate and complete.

A final few words on full disclosure.

Full disclosure takes time, often perceived as extra time.  However, the return on investment of this time is well worth it.


Personal circumstances vary.  Market conditions can vary widely.  Best practices should not vary.



“Dan is a great communicator that practices full disclosure.  He has no affiliated business arrangements and always provides unbiased counsel.”  

~Norton Shores sellers 

“Most appreciated is Dan’s upfront honesty about the transaction, the market and the selling process.” 

“Straight shooter.  Dan’s market knowledge includes the habits and practices of other industry participants.”

“Dan shoots strait.  He will discuss both best practices and common pitfalls.  It is obvious that he wants the best for you.” 

Photo by Gary W. Samples

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