Today, 95% of all home buyers use the internet in their home search.  

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) conducts an annual survey of buyer practices and has documented that nothing is more predictable in a buyer’s home search than is the use of the internet.  Bluntly speaking and for comparison purposes, the use of a Realtor in the home search is measured at 92% and all other methods fall at less than half of this.  Some methods, such as homes magazines, weigh in as being used in only 12% of all home searches.

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“Dan treats all with honesty and respect.  We’ve worked with him twice; we will work with him again.  He is a trusted business associate and friend.”  

~Spring Lake sellers

“Dan provided excellent education in the years that we were not in the market to sell or purchase a home.  When we were ready to act, Dan gave us the confidence to pursue our dreams with responsible enthusiasm.”  

~Whitehall sellers and buyers 

“We appreciated Dan’s candor and his deep knowledge of both the business and the process.”  

~Norton Shores sellers and buyers

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