Historical Perspective

"First Stone” is a construction term and its importance in construction is thousands of years old.  Stone masons know the importance of “laying the first stone.”  If you either place the first stone in the wrong position or use inferior building materials, trouble of many sorts will follow.


This term, First Stone, also can represent best practices in real estate transactions.  If you start in the wrong spot, you will not be happy with your end position.  If you use inferior material, like biased or partial information, you will not be happy with your end position.


This is an important concept.  This is a guiding principle. 


“Our family trusts that Dan has worked diligently to make sure he understands our place in the market and where we are best positioned as a result.  Selling and buying homes are emotional for most folks and I think Dan does his best to be thoughtful and rational throughout the process.   These are important traits when we can become distracted with items that may cause us to lose focus as a buyer or seller.  I have recommended Dan to friends and family through the years.”  

 “Dan was extremely Real Estate savvy and his experience allowed this transaction to be uneventful, profitable and timely in execution.”  

~a Carefree, AZ residential Realtor® and seller of Muskegon property

“Dan demonstrated excellent analytic ability which generated a very useful market analysis.  He is a great problem solver and acts quickly as well as professionally.”  

~a Glencoe, IL residential Realtor®/attorney assisting family members with a Sullivan Twp. property

“I have the utmost confidence in Dan’s wisdom, ethics and abilities.”  

~a Whitehall seller

Photo by Gary W. Samples

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